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“Casting a spotlight on one of the biggest education scandals in Britain...heartbreaking”  - Sian Griffiths, The Sunday Times

“It is a national scandal that the life chances of so many children are being doomed by their inability to read.” - Joanna Trollope, Author The Sunday Times - Letter to the Editor

“An energetic and urgent documentary, highlighting an important issue that receives far less attention than it warrants” - Talha Burki, The Lancet Journal


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA's All-Time Leading Scorer, NY Times best-selling author, Columnist:

“I’ve been heavily involved in education reform in the U.S. for many years, through articles and books I’ve written, school visits around the country, and my own Skyhook Camp, which brings inner-city kids to the woods for a week of hands-on STEM education. Watching the brilliant and moving documentary H is for Harry about the struggles of one young boy in the English educational system has re-inspired my commitment to advocate even more for the kind of inclusive education this country—and every country—needs for children caught in the lower economic spectrum.

Directors Ed Owles and Jaime Taylor capture the challenges that the well-meaning teachers face with each student—and the terrible tragedy when some of those students slip away. The film is not a polemic, but a heartfelt journey that highlights the commitment we all need to make to help each child have a fair shot at success and happiness. This film should be mandatory for every teacher, administrator, parent, student, and concerned citizen.”