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Join a growing community of support, activism, education and outreach!

Supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, ‘H is for Harry’ is running an outreach campaign using the film to reframe perspectives of what poverty looks like in Britain today; the complex issues that lock families in poverty that hold many children back and how schools and education can’t do it alone.

'H is for Harry' is a call to action for parents, teachers, children, young people and policy makers to help make the changes that need to happen to improve educational disadvantage. 

Evidence shows that early years intervention can transform a child's life chances and that those in poverty are more likely to need extra support.



1. Host your own Screening

Screen 'H is for Harry' at your organisation, school, or even local cinema to raise awareness. Click 'Watch!' for more information.

2. Spread the word

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - tell your friends where they can see 'H is for Harry' on our latest screening page here. @HisforHarryFilm #hisforharry


If you have seen the film and would like to make a contribution to a charity working with children in Harry's community, please donate here to The Reach Foundation

Alternatively, if you would like to make a contribution to a charity in your own local community, please do - we would be delighted to hear  about the charity and the work it is doing. And of course, if you would  like to support a national charity working to help children like Harry, please see the list of organisations we have identified in the next  section about getting involved.



'H is for Harry' is being used as a film impact campaign and tool to strengthen the growing movement for recognition, education, research, and funding into educational disadvantage.

Join the amazing work being done to help improve some of the causes of educational disadvantage of illiteracy, social mobility the need for support for teachers and parents and improved early intervention.

Volunteer to become a reader, join in current debates, and take direct action with the many charities and organisations doing their bit to help children like Harry:

Become a reading volunteer for a child or adult with:

Find out how you can help a child as early in their life as possible:

If you are a teacher with aspirations to become an innovative school leader, you can learn more about The Difference's new programme here.  

The Difference is career development programme for teachers, which focuses on raising the status and expertise of working with children like Harry, for whom school can be a struggle and outcomes can seem bleak. The Difference are striving to create innovative system-leaders, like those at Reach Feltham in the film, and to pioneer new best practice in inclusive schools.

See how you can help improve social mobility: